Election Strategy

* Jim Condit Jr. is in the race as a write-in candidate for the 2nd district Congressional race in Ohio.

        -- There are two reasons for being on the ballot as a write-in in 2006.

        -- Gathering signatures at public places such as grocery stores and Post Office sidewalks has become punitive. Very few places are friendly to signature gathering. Busy shopping malls and grocery stores have moved from welcoming signature gatherers in the 70s and 80s, to being very hostile to signature gathers in the late 90s and in the new Millennium. It costs about $2 per signature to gather VALID signatures these days. While the major party candidates (Dems and Repubs) need only gather 50 valid signatures for a congressional race, independents and third party candidates must usually achieve about 2500 valid signatures to make ballot status. This means that it costs between $5000 and $6000 to pay signature gatherers to gather enough valid voters' signatures to achieve ballot status. In addition, increasing fraud by a certain class of signature gatherers themselves has made this process increasingly risky. The Jim Condit Jr. for Congress campaign in 2002 was victimized by such unscrupulous signature gatherers. Jim Condit Jr., once alerted by the Hamilton County Board of Elections, gathered evidence to help convict some of the signature gatherers who had accepted over $800 from him. The resulting hearings by the Hamilton County Board of Elections, at which Mr. Condit Jr. testified, brought the indictment and eventual jailing of some of these signature gatherers. Also, this initial investigation led to the conviction of these same signature gatherers who had defrauded a Florida company coordinating signature gathering for ballot issues in Ohio of more than $8000. -- All of this points up the weakness of most third party candidates and independent candidates in the first part of the new millennium (post 1999) in this regard. The answer is to educate an army in each congressional district of 200 or 300 voters who would each gather 30 or so signatures from their neighbors for an independent or third party candidate which such voters support. As it stands, the combination of massive propaganda in favor of the two major parties by the major media outlets since the dawn of the television age in the 1950s, combined with the dismal election showings published by the handful of computer-vote-counting mega-corporations for almost all 3rd party candidates and independent candidates over the last 30 years -- has resulted in a tremendous demoralization of the American people on challenging the major party candidates at election time.

        -- Mr. Condit has stated he will again work to get on the ballot for a congressional election when the Board of Elections again institutes honest, verifiable elections -- i.e. a system where neighborhood citizens of all factions count easily read paper ballots in the open at their own neighborhood precincts as soon as the polling places close on election night.

* In light of current conditions, the strategy of the Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2006 campaign is to get unreported facts and analysis out to the public through the congressional campaign, with a view to laying the groundwork for an informed citizen movement to restore constitutional government in this country under God. Of course, this candidate would welcome election to Congress or appointment to Congress. However, in light of the general confusion of the public induced by the Big TV Networks and other major media outlets, in light of the lack of financial support from the public for third party and independent candidates which would make it possible to match the major candidates dollar for dollar, and especially in light of the easily-rigged, secret computerized vote "counting" system that is in place, this candidate is doing the best that can be done under the circumstances to get suppressed facts and views to the public. He recommends that all other concerned candidates (of any party or category) and citizens (of any party or category) do the same, with a view to educating the public, and preparing citizens for peaceful and constitutional action as explained on the website www.NetworkAmerica.org